Small tourist village Ičići 
it is located on the northern Adriatic, in the Kvarner Bay
about 5 km from Opatija or 15 km from Rijeka.

Ičići is a famous nautical center and
there is one of the largest ACI marinas in Croatia.

Places to visit

Ičići beach


One of the main attractions is Ičići beach. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in this area and offers various entertainment options. It is located in the very center of the town.


Fans of sports and active vacations can enjoy tennis, volleyball,
football, badminton, water polo, hiking, cycling and various water sports.

Lungomare Promenade

The famous Lungomare, a coastal promenade that is 12 km long
and goes from Volosko to Lovran, passes through the town.

Medveja beach

The beautiful pebble beach of Medveja is 2 kilometers from Lovran
and 8 kilometers from Opatija. It offers unique sports facilities, an aqua park
and a variety of water facilities for those
with an adventurous spirit and recreational sports.

Učka mountain

The Učka is a mountain located along the coast of the northern Adriatic sea.
The proximity to the sea favors its specific climate and lush forest vegetation,
and it is adorned with many protected and rare animal and plant species.
On top of Vojak there is a tower, which has become its protective symbol.
The tower offers a magnificent view of beautiful Rijeka,
the Kvarner islands, Istria, Platka…
A 360° view that leaves everyone breathless.


Opatija is known for its beautiful parks full of meticulously maintained
colorful and breathtaking promenades.
Experience Opatija’s charm first hand!
For the most complete impression, there is the famous
Lungomare coastal promenade, which is as long as 10 kilometers.
The town offers a beautiful view of the sea
and the nearby islands of Krk and Cres.